E-mail asking Tennessee Democratic Party supporters to follow Ward Cammack’s campaign

Ward Cammack banner

Ward Cammack for a sustainable Tennessee

Did you know if every Tennessean replaced an old light bulb with an energy-efficient light bulb it would add $180 million to the state economy? Replacing 10 would add $1.8 billion – every year.

Green living is big business these days.

Tennessee needs a leader to make the state a pervasive force in the new economy where Green = Green: it’s not just about protecting the environment, it’s about making money for Tennessee. Ward Cammack has a plan to help our state thrive in this new economy.

As governor, Ward would:

  • make Tennessee a leader in the Green Economy with solar, wind, bio-mass and geothermal power, energy-efficient housing and sovereign farming
  • build success-proven partnerships between businesses and the multitude of vital community colleges and technical schools across our state
  • advance our world-class healthcare industry to be an export industry and source of jobs in addition to being an important element of our quality of life

Join Ward Cammack’s efforts today. Sign up to receive occasional e-mails from his campaign; you can learn about upcoming events and more of Ward’s solutions to the issues all Tennesseans face. Visit www.WardCammack.com to register.

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