Cammack releases 39-page plan for a prosperous Tennessee

Ward Cammack banner


Lynn Grundset or Marissa DeCuir
The Committee to Elect Ward Cammack

Democratic candidate for governor provides ideas to turn state’s challenges into opportunities

NASHVILLE, TN, August 10, 2009 – Ward Cammack will release tonight on his website a 39-page plan on resetting Tennessee for the new economy.

In the policy brief, Cammack details the incredible economic challenges Tennessee faces, and how he can help the state turn such challenges into opportunities. He provides steps Tennessee must take to become a pervasive force in the new, green economy.

“The only reason I ever decided to run is because I have an idea,” Cammack said. “This campaign is not about me. It’s about my ideas for Tennessee.”

Providing a vision, Cammack makes it clear he is the only gubernatorial candidate with a solid plan to bring prosperity to Tennessee. His ideas provide a knowledgeable background of what needs to be done from the governor’s office.

Cammack writes in the brief, “Some very fundamental economic changes have occurred, and they call for a completely different vision of sustainable economic growth if we want to produce better jobs for the future, better schools to provide us access to those jobs, and affordable health care to keep our people productive and provide for them in their expanding old age.”

He continues later, “Well, the ‘same old same old’ just isn’t me – and if that’s what you’re looking for, then I am not your man. But if you’re looking for a different way of thinking that’s been proven right time after time, especially in these tough ones, I’ve got one.”

Cammack is a native Tennessean and long-time businessman who left the investment business after 30 years to help Tennessee in a unique time of challenge. His professional background provides the ideas needed to successfully steer Tennessee out of this economic storm.

Please see the attached PDF of Cammack’s 39-page position paper.


For more information, or to set up an interview with Ward Cammack, please contact Lynn Grundset (ext. 1) or Marissa DeCuir (ext. 7) at 615-823-2021 or

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